Symmetry & Biomechanics etc.

My view of the world may be slightly biased but if you take my social media news feeds as gospel Symmetry (and Biomechanics) seem to be the ‘buzz words’ of 2020!

For me symmetry is bigger than just this year it’s the foundation of everything.

I have long since said my plan was to ‘Fix the horse – Fix the rider -then Teach them how to ride it!’ While I am very aware of how flippant that statement may seem, it is a very simplified version of my ethos. I believe the first question we must answer is what is symmetry?

Taken on face value symmetry is the ‘Correct or pleasing proportion of the parts of a thing’ Synonyms for this include BALANCE, REGULARITY, HARMONY and COORDINATION, for the riders among you all these words will resonant deeply. From a more scientific standpoint symmetry is ‘A law or operation where a physical property or process has an equivalence in two or more directions’, therefore I feel symmetry is key in equestrian sport.

In 2017 I conducted an undergraduate research project looking at the relationship between a rider’s symmetry and the horses stride length. This project consolidated my belief that the rider, will physically affect a horse’s performance no matter how great their skill set may be. It should also be noted that the horse’s way of going may detrimentally affect the rider!

Back pain has been shown to alter the biomechanics of the equine spine, possibly predisposing the rider to back pain and stiffness as a consequence. In addition, as riders are trained to communicate with their horse through the bilateral application of pressure-based aids, being ‘crooked’ may detrimentally affect training.

In recent years the use of sports therapies for injury prevention and improved
performance has become commonplace in mainstream sports of all levels. However, in equestrian sport, most riders choose to focus on their horse, or their training and these practices may be overlooked.

To raise awareness of the importance of a combined therapeutic approach RA Therapy & Training offers a unique Partnership Symmetry Service, for optimum performance.

This service includes…

  • Full Assessment of the horse and rider
  • 30-minute preliminary coaching/assessment session
  • Full treatments for horse and rider
  • Follow up reports and prehabilitaion program

These sessions can be run for individuals or groups and take advantage of ‘Birdie’ the uniquely converted Treatment Truck in which you can combine the convenience of human treatment at your own yard with the privacy and cleanliness of a professional treatment room.

For more information or to book an appointment please do not hesitate to contact me.

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